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Introducing ScanDoseMatch software

Installation and Updates (1)

ScanDoseMatch is not a valid Win32 application
The update process was not properly completed resulting in a corrupted program file. Please, download the application again and proceed with a new update.

Chart presentation (1)

Only partial information from PDD/profile is displayed
Chart zoom level was previously changed. Restore chart default scales by dragging anywhere in the chart from bottom right to top left .

Reading files (3)

'+000.0' is not a valid floating point value
There is probably a conflict between Windows regional setting (coma decimal separator) and the notation of the numbers in the file (decimal point separator). Please, temporarily change Regional Settings in your PC and force decimal separator to be a point ('.').
Message: 'Selected file cannot be processed'
It is possible that you haven't selected the appropriate type during file opening. If the error is not caused by this situation then there could be some issues with file parsing. Please, contact us with more information and send copy of the file.
Message: 'Error processing spline fit. Probably two or more x points have same value'
The reference file you're trying to open has duplicated values for at least one offset distance/depth parameter. Try to locate this value and delete corresponding data row. We suggest you edit a copy of the file not the original one.

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