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Introducing ScanDoseMatch software

Your donation is key in our efforts to keep ScanDoseMatch free for all users. Not only would your donation be greatly appreciated, but it also signals that the tireless effort we are putting in ScanDoseMatch development is worth it.
Jose Morales, Owner
Why do we need donations to keep ScanDoseMatch running effectively?

1. ScanDoseMatch is free to you but not to us. Every component used in the program including the Integrated Development Environment is a paid licensed software. No open source has been used in this project.

2. The maintenance of the software is getting more complex due to the accumulation of code changes, mostly happening from user requests, and the constant challenges introduced by changes on Microsoft Windows OS over the past years.

3. QXRay Consulting is a small family-owned company managed by a Medical Physicist just like you. Most of the development of this software is happening after busy clinical workdays.

4. We do not advertise any commercial product on our site or get contributions from any commercial brands.

5. We do not collect any personal information, not even your email address. We do not promote personal data sharing as a monetizing option to keep ScanDoseMatch free.

How will your donation be used?

1. Your contribution will be solely used for this project.

2. Your donation will be invested in ScanDoseMatch improvement and maintenance.

3. Your donation will support the availability of a free tool for our Worldwide Medical Physics Community.

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