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Introducing ScanDoseMatch software


1. Once the installer is downloaded locate the file "SDMInstaller.exe"

2. Follow installation process.

3. There will be one folder and two files in the directory selected for installation at the end of the process.

4. The file "ScanDoseMatch.exe" is the application.

5. The "config.scn" is an ASCII file that keeps the configuration information for the pdf report

6. The folder "Test" has some sample CSV files and one excel file that were used for the validation of the gamma calculation.

Program Version and Update

1. The Copyright icon will open a window that shows credits and the program version

2. The user can check program updates by pressing the icon located on toolbar. This action establishes a program connection with the server in order to verify if there is a most recent program version available. If a newest version is available just follow the update process.

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