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SDM file types

Standard file types

Manufacturer File source File Extension
Varian Eclipse w2CAD ASC
Eclipse DATA
CadPlan CAD
Eclipse TXT (line dose profile)
Elekta/CMS XiO TXT
Monaco txt (dose plane)
Accuray TEMS CSV
IBA OmniPro-Accept / RFA3000 ASC
CRS CRS Scanner OPP, AVE, OPD, T51, T25, WDP, WDD
Sun Nuclear Corporation MapCheck 2 TXT
ICProfiler 2 TXT
3D Scanner SNCTXT
RaySearch Laboratories RayPhysics CSV
RayStation CSV (line dose)

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Special file types

Description Example File Extension
Generic CSV
The first value in the first row is assumed to be a title.
The first value of the second row should say "PDD" or "PROFILE" depending on the scan type.
The second and following values in the second row should declare labels for the specific depth or field size corresponding to that data column.
The first number starting with the third row will be the off axis distance for profiles or depth in centimeters for PDD.
The second and following numbers after the third row will be the relative value. These values don't have to be normalized to 100%. The program does central axis normalization for profiles and maximum value normalization for PDDs.
Any title,
PDD or PROFILE (in cm !!!),Field Size or Depth

Generic Profile.csv

Generic PDD.csv
Generic CSV Multiple profiles
A multi column CSV file with variable off axis distance.
This file type will be always processed as a PROFILE.
The first value of the first row is assumed to be a title.
Values in the second row should be a pair of labels for off-axis distance and depth reference.
Actual data will start at the third row. This section will be organized as a pair of consecutive columns. The first column of each pair is a distance offset in CM. The second column of each pair is a relative value. The program does automatic data normalization to the central axis (zero offset) value.
Any title,,,,,
X1 (cm),Depth1,X2 (cm),Depth2,X3 (cm),Depth3

Generic Multi-column Profile.csv

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